Oktober 23, 2019

Starter Pack sterile vials/ stoppers and caps

PRIME CAPS from Datwyler

Our proven and reliable solution matching the quality and regulatory expectations, designed for high-end pharmaceutical and biotech applications.

Why Prime Caps:
–  Highest quality alloy
–  Low bioburden and particulate levels
–  CCI match with Datwyler’s elastomer products
–  100% camera inspection
–  Center-gated plastic disc for enhanced machinability
–  Optimized design: straight skirt edge (Accurim)


Based on a unique polymer, FM457 is a modern bromobutyl formulation, specifically developed for stopper and plunger applications.

Thanks to its excellent characteristics, such as:
–  very high chemical purity and ultra-low extractable compound
–  high resistance to Gamma irradiation
–  superior functional characteristics

FM457 represents the best-in-class solution for customers looking for the highest levels of rubber compound purity and compatibility, matching the needs of sensitive drugs.

Omni Flex is the state-of-the-art coating solution to meet the highest demands for quality and performance of highly sensitive, large molecule drugs.

Click here for more information about Omni Flex coating

Are you interested to learn more about Datwyler/Schott Starter Pack? Please get in touch with info@flaver.ch

Oktober 16, 2019

SGD-Pharma new sterile vials and ampoules

April 16, 2019

New Bottles in glass black

New bottles painted in black/white or other colors

Juni 5, 2018

Dropper aus PET

Per sofort verfügbar Dropper aus PET in verschiedenen Farben (transparent, braun, blau, weiss), Gewinde DIN18

Grössen: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 und 100 ml

Dropper PET